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embower v : enclose in a bower [syn: bower]

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  1. to enclose something or someone as if in a bower; shelter with foliage.
    • - Her hand he seis'd, and to a shadie bank, / Thick overhead with verdant roof imbowr'd
    • 1809: Washington Irving, A History of New York ..., by Dietrich Knickerbocker - A small Indian village, pleasantly embowered in a grove of spreading elms.
    • 1852: Alfred Tennyson, The Lady of Shalott - And the silent isle imbowers / The Lady of Shalott
    • 1884: Donald Grant Mitchell, Bound Together - The embowered lanes, and the primroses and the hawthorn
  2. To lodge or rest in or as in a bower.
    • 1591: Edmund Spenser, Virgil's Gnat, line 225 - But the small birds in their wide boughs embowring / Chaunted their sundrie tunes with sweete consent;
  3. To form a bower. - John Milton


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